What is Timeline Logistic ?

Our first and foremost priority now and forever will be the safety of the public the product and our people. This will be done by recruiting and continually training the right people for the job and by employing state of the art equipment to ensure safety and security

What are the Safety measures?

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It starts with the drivers and those employees that deal directly with them. Their experience, our training of them and our expectations affect the overall safety of everyone. We have made safety our top priority, and for it to work, everyone from the president to the dispatcher and drivers have to buy in to the system.

When do I have to have all my trip paperwork turned in to Dispatch?

All our trucks are equipped with scanners and we require all paperwork pertaining to the previous load scanned to the office the same day you deliver the load. All original paperwork for a load, fuel receipts and trip reports must be turned in every week. If you are not going to make it back to the home terminal for any reason we may ask you to courier your paperwork to us. We do have an account with FedEx; you must receive approval from Operations before you use this service.

When is cut-off for pay?

Cut off for pay is the 15th and last day of the month with your paycheck being deposited into your account the following 15th or last day of the month. If you are on a trip at cut off you will get paid for the entire trip as long as you loaded before the cut off.

Is there a 24-hour number in case on emergencies?

Yes our main number 888-980-2323 is manned 24 hours a day for emergencies.

How do I get cash on the road?

Every driver is given a T-Chek card that resets itself every Friday at midnight. At that time there is $100.00 put on to the card. If you require extra money for repairs or equipment throughout the week we can add extra money to your T-Chek card. T-Chek and Cash advances are only available in the US and not Canada.

When are cash advances and expenses paid?

All cash advanced is debited from your pay check the same as your pay. So if you get $100 cash advance on the 10th of the month it will be debited from your pay check on the last day of the month.
All turned in and approved expenses are paid the same. We do not pay expenses for which there is no receipt and all expenses must be approved prior to purchase.

What Fuel Cards do I use to fuel the Truck?

All fuel cards are kept with the truck and if you switch trucks, the fuel card stays with the truck.
We use PetroPass (Superpass) card lock in Canada and not the US. The PetroPass card is not valid at Petro Canada gas stations, only at SuperPass Card locks. We require all drivers to fuel in larger centers as fuel is a better price than the smaller ones.
In the US only we use T-Chek, which are valid at all major fuel locations such as Flying J, TA, Petro, Loves ect. These card are only valid in the US and not to be used Canada.

What is DEF/Urea and how long does one (1) tank last?

DEF is a non-toxic solution of purified water and Urea. Urea is a non-hazardous, natural compound which is produced from natural gas and commonly used in everyday products such as fertilizer.
DEF is used in low volume, approximately 2 gallons for every 100 gallons of diesel fuel. You should be able to travel about 4000 miles on one tank of DEF.

How do I purchase DEF/UREA for the truck?

You must make sure that the truck has a supply of DEF/Urea at all times. The truck will NOT run without it and it could cause significant damage to the engine if you do run it out.
We have a supply DEF/Urea at our home terminal so all units should have a full tank of DEF before leaving. We ask all Driver Members to make sure they fill with DEF/Urea before leaving our home terminal.
If you need to buy DEF/Urea on the road; in the US you can use the truck’s T-Chek card, it must be a separate purchase from fuel and you need to make sure the person entering the transaction flags the purchase as DEF/Urea and not as additives or anything else. If you need some in Canada you will need to purchase it with your money and submit it as an expense. If you fill you truck with DEF from our main terminal you should not have to purchase any DEF on the road.

Can I get my truck washed on the road or can I wash it at the office?

We try and have all equipment at our home terminal washed before you leave on a trip. If we do not get it washed before you leave you may ask Operations if you can wash your truck on the road, but you must get approval from Operations before getting your truck washed on the road.
Under no circumstances are you allowed to wash your own truck or trailer at our home terminal. We have people that do that and WCB does not allow our Driver Members to do this.

How do I request days off and paid vacation days?

All time off requests must go through dispatch and must be asked for far enough in advance that dispatch can plan for you taking time off.
Time off requests for stat holidays are on a first come first served basis as we cannot have the entire fleet off at the same time.
After your first full calendar year you are entitled to 3 weeks paid vacation. Any vacation pay that you want paid out must be communicated to payroll prior to the cut off for the check date you want the pay. Therefore if you want your vacation pay or any part of it paid to you on the last day of the month your request must be in before the 15th of that month.

What about this Electronic Hours of Service?

Our Electronic Logs books are very Black and White. There is no gray area; when it says you are out of hours, you are out of hours. The system tells you how many hours you have each day so you need to be able to plan your trip and your day according to those available hours.
Also you need to ensure you have hours when you cross the international (Canada / US) border. You have to be aware that when you switch from US to Canadian Hours or vice versa you may not have any hours available and you need to plan for that. We will not allow any Driver Members to drive over their allotted driving time because they didn’t plan accordingly.
If you get pulled in to a scale or get stopped and the DOT wants to see your log book it is your responsibility to know how to retrieve information for them. There is an instruction sheet in every truck on how the data is stored and on how to retrieve the information they are looking for. As the operator of the unit it is your responsibility to make sure this information packet is in the truck and readily accessible.

How does PrePass work?

PrePass allows us to bypass designated weigh stations and port-of-entry facilities. Cleared vehicles may proceed at highway speed, eliminating the need to stop. That means greater efficiency for shippers and improved safety for all highway users.
PrePass can be used in the 30 member states, but you must be aware that you still maybe pulled in to a scale while in a member state. There is about 90% chance that you will not be pulled into scales.
PrePass also pays for bridge and road tolls at any “E-ZPass” electronic toll collection facility.
There is a $150 charge for any lost or broken Prepass devises

How do I do daily check calls?

Daily check calls can be done through the satellite messaging system. There is a Marco called “Daily Check Call” all you need to do is fill in the blanks.
There are a few other Marco messages we require all drivers to use and they include – Arrived at Shippers, Departed Shippers, Arrived at Consignee, Departed Consignee, Load Information to name a few. We require all Driver Members to use their messaging system to relay information Operations needs on a daily basis. This directly is tied to the Bonus Program as well and comes under the section of customer service.

Do I need to scale my load?

The quick answer to this question is yes you need to scale your load. You are much better off making sure you are legal than assuming you are legal. Any overweight violations go against our company’s safety profile, so that means it not only affects you - it affects every member of our team. As well these violations go against any bonus toward which you are working.

What is an RFID Tag?

An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tag is a transponder that is permanently attached to the driver’s side mirror and it allows Sea Ports in the US to automatically identify the truck, the driver and the company before you are allowed to enter a sea port. If your RFID Tag goes missing, make sure you contact the office right away.

Do I need to pay to cross the Canada/ US border?

No, all our trucks are equipped with a border crossing transponder that is inside a little clear pouch attached to the windshield. If your truck needs a new windshield, the transponder and pouch are to be removed from the windshield and attached to the new windshield. Under no circumstances will you directly attach the transponder to the windshield.
All transponders are valid January 1 to December 31. You should receive a replacement before that day if you did not, be sure to let someone know. If for any reason your transponder is lost or damaged please contact us to get a replacement. In the mean time you will have to pay the $10.25 Canadian to cross in to the US.

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