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TimeLine Logistic employs state of the art satellites in all their trucks. At a glance, Dispatch can see the ignition status, speed and direction of each individual truck, along with a map displaying the route the Driver Member has been taking in almost real time. This gives TimeLine the ability to act quickly and efficiently to ensure all Driver Members are staying on route and are obeying the safety guidelines that have been established.

A benefit of the system is the Performance Monitoring whereby many safety matters, including hard braking, over speed, and excess speed can be observed continually. In addition, the system also monitors fuel efficiency, idle time, over revs, and many other aspects of the truck to ensure every Driver Member is utilizing the truck to the best of their ability.

Not only does the system assist TimeLine in ensuring their high standard of safety and equipment efficiency, but the satellite also provides dispatch with 24 hour / 7 day-a-week instant communication with any Driver Member that is on the road. The system converts text messages to voice and is broadcast via the unit's audio system.

One of the best features of this system is its ability to automatically send an email to any customer in the world when a tractor arrives and/or departs a predetermined "Landmark." Landmarks can be anywhere in North America including shippers, consignees, border crossings, and sea ports. A Landmark can be any size big or small, from a parking lot at the local Tim Horton's, to all of Canada and beyond. This is set up beforehand, computer-generated and sent out 24hrs per day. This way the customer knows when their product leaves their facility, arrives at the destination and/or any other point in between.

There are very few carriers in Canada with this system and TimeLine Logistic is the only transportation company in Saskatchewan.

Through our website, customers have the ability to access to the system so they can see where their product is at all times. Also a Driver Member's family is able to log in to the system to see where they are, and are able to communicate through the satellite system.