AtTimeLinewe believe when you arrive home from a long trip, your time is better spent with your family then sitting at the facility doing paperwork.  We are embracing technology to the fullest. When you work for us, you don’t have a log book to do and you don’t have trip sheets to do.  All our equipment is satellite tracked. We utilize the Electronic Log Books and all the fuel tax is done for you by the system.  When you return from your trip, all you need to do is go home and enjoy time with your family.  

Most of our satellite systems have Wi-Fi capabilities, so if you are in a W-Fi hotspot you can surf the internet from the cab of your truck. With our online training you can also meet your training requirements during your down time while on the road.  We provide all our Driver Members with in-cab email capabilities so you are never far from home.  You can communicate with your family right from the cab of your truck through the satellite system to and from anywhere in North America through this secure service.

In the end – we are continually looking for ways that we can implement technology to improve our business and provide our Driver Members with a more balanced work and home life.

All of our trucks are equipped with PrePass, which will allow you to bypass most scales, and will automatically pay for any tolls when you are in any of the member states.