How do I purchase DEF/UREA for the truck?

You must make sure that the truck has a supply of DEF/Urea at all times. The truck will NOT run without it and it could cause significant damage to the engine if you do run it out.
We have a supply DEF/Urea at our home terminal so all units should have a full tank of DEF before leaving. We ask all Driver Members to make sure they fill with DEF/Urea before leaving our home terminal.

If you need to buy DEF/Urea on the road; in the US you can use the truck’s T-Chek card, it must be a separate purchase from fuel and you need to make sure the person entering the transaction flags the purchase as DEF/Urea and not as additives or anything else. If you need some in Canada you will need to purchase it with your money and submit it as an expense. If you fill you truck with DEF from our main terminal you should not have to purchase any DEF on the road.