What about this Electronic Hours of Service?

Our Electronic Logs books are very Black and White. There is no gray area; when it says you are out of hours, you are out of hours. The system tells you how many hours you have each day so you need to be able to plan your trip and your day according to those available hours.

Also you need to ensure you have hours when you cross the international (Canada / US) border. You have to be aware that when you switch from US to Canadian Hours or vice versa you may not have any hours available and you need to plan for that. We will not allow any Driver Members to drive over their allotted driving time because they didn’t plan accordingly.

If you get pulled in to a scale or get stopped and the DOT wants to see your log book it is your responsibility to know how to retrieve information for them. There is an instruction sheet in every truck on how the data is stored and on how to retrieve the information they are looking for. As the operator of the unit it is your responsibility to make sure this information packet is in the truck and readily accessible.