We have a very generous compensation package that includes a better-than-average base rate, paid border crossings, paid pickups and deliveries, paid layovers, hazmat premium and TWIC Card premium. We have a generous health, dental and travel program that begins on first day of employment for Canadian Driver Members and after ninety (90) days for US Driver Members. We provide an extensive Performance Based Pay Program that more than rewards an excellent work ethic; it rewards the people that go above and beyond the standard. At the same time we work hard to ensure all of our driver members are capitalizing on their potential by providing instruction to help them in reaching the high standards we require of all our partners.

LTL Revenue sharing
All Driver Members are entitled to 20% of the revenue for any LTL picks after the initial pick up. Therefore if a load is loaded and the Driver Member can make room on the trailer for more freight they will receive additional 20% of any revenue gained from putting extra freight on the trailer.