Timeline Logistic fully embraces leading edge technological tools, such as the Omnitracs platform and AXON enterprise system, to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

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Timeline Logistic  employs state of the art satellite tracking through Omnitracs providing integrated onboard computing and wireless data services with fleet management benefits. Management and dispatch can monitor all aspects of the Company’s truck fleet in almost real time, including, but not limited to, location, speed, route, fuel efficiency and idle time. The Omnitracs Platform is able to accurately track each truck to within 50 feet of its location and this data is updated every five minutes.  At a glance, our dispatch can see the ignition status, speed and direction of each individual truck, along with a map displaying the route taken in almost real time.

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A benefit of the system is the Performance Monitoring whereby many safety matters, including hard braking, over speed, and excess speed can be observed continually. In addition, the system also monitors fuel efficiency, idle time, over revs, and many other aspects of the truck to ensure every Driver is utilizing the truck to the best of their ability. Not only does the system assist Timeline Logistic in ensuring our high standard of safety and equipment efficiency, but satellite system also provides dispatch with 24 hour / 7 day-a-week instant communication with any Driver that is on the road. The system converts text messages to voice and is broadcast via the unit's audio system.

The trucks are equipped so that drivers can scan and submit all their paperwork directly from their truck, and the Company’s administrative staff receives the information immediately via email. Additionally, Omnitracs will enable Company tractor units to receive PDFs and all trucks will be equipped with printers so that the drivers can print all necessary paperwork.

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Timeline Logistic also uses Omnitracs electronic onboard recorder (EOBR’s) which tracks all the drivers’ hours of service (HOS) in real time. This provides management the ability to accurately assign loads and update customers with an accurate estimated time of arrival for their freight. Omnitracs satellite tracking also includes incident recording (such as hard brake events), as well as automatically updates the Company’s IFTA fuel and mileage reporting.


Leveraging AXON, a sophisticated integrated enterprise software system, Timeline Logistic is able to efficiently dispatch trucks and drivers, track truck/equipment status, and monitor financial reports in real-time; this operational efficiency also allows the Company to be responsive to their customers’ needs and provide unrivaled customer service.

The Axon® system, which is the only trucking software with Dispatch and Accounting that is totally integrated in real-time, meaning that information only needs to be entered once to instantly update all of our systems automatically. This reduces administration time dramatically, and thus improves Timeline Logistic’s efficiency, and allows us to produce invoices that are both accurate and timely.

In addition, the system can be set up to automatically send reminders for upcoming events, equipment maintenance expirations, driver permits and training expirations etc. This enables Timeline Logistic to continue to remain compliant in all Industry Safety requirements.